As a husband, father, and veteran of Afghanistan I know the importance of public service. After 22 years in the military I am ready to continue to serve our community and the 39th District.

Our friends and neighbors in Westfield and Carmel want the same things: great schools, safe streets, and welcoming neighbors. As your State Representative I will put the needs of our community first by fighting for women’s rights, supporting public education, and prioritizing the safety of our children and families.

About Matt

I am the son of a Vietnam veteran and a Catholic school secretary. My parents taught me the values of integrity, a sense of duty, and putting the community before myself.

I served 16 years in Naval Aviation and then 2 years in the Navy Reserves here in Indiana. Finally, I transitioned to the Air National Guard, before my retirement. Throughout my military career, whether it was flying airplanes, working with foreign leaders, or advising generals and admirals, I learned the importance of listening to the people around me, understanding their experiences, and sticking up for what was right no matter what.

When it was time to leave active duty my family chose to return to our roots here in Westfield. We have been here full time since 2015 and I now have two children who will be at Westfield High School this year.

Photos of Matt McNally and Family

The views expressed do not represent the Department of Defense. 

Why I’m Running

Photos of Matt McNally's Military Service

The views expressed do not represent the Department of Defense. 

I am running for State Representative for the same reason I joined the military: to serve a community that gives my family and me so much. 

I am running because I believe in fighting to preserve and protect women’s rights. I am a pro-choice candidate. I believe we need to make health care more accessible and affordable for Hoosier families and that starts with overturning Indiana’s abortion ban and restoring and protecting women’s rights in our state. 

Like most people in Hamilton County, my family and I greatly value our local public school system. Our schools in Westfield and Carmel are strong because they are fully funded by our governments and because we are able to recruit and retain quality teachers. I support policy ideas that keep public school funding whole and protect and support our hard-working teachers.

I also greatly value the safety of our Carmel/Westfield community. Like many others I struggled to understand why our representative voted twice for bills that loosened gun safety regulations. I was especially against this legislation because our Indiana State law enforcement agencies believed these bills would endanger the lives of police. I believe that to have safe communities we must listen to the experts, like our law enforcement officers, about legislation that will improve firearm safety. 

Finally, my family and I value the welcoming and accepting community that Carmel and Westfield has built. To continue to keep our community strong we must have leaders that put policies in place that celebrate our LGBTQ+ community, our communities of color, and the disabled members of our community. 

I am running for State Representative because I believe that Hamilton County is a great place to live and I want to ensure that our community remains a place where people and families thrive for generations to come.

The Issues

Women’s Rights and Health Care

Reproductive rights are an extremely important part of my campaign. I am a pro-choice candidate. I also believe we need to make health care more accessible and affordable for people considering having children. Indiana has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the country, double the national average, and there are 33 counties in our state that do not have access to OB GYN care. We are a desert when it comes to reproductive healthcare and with an Indiana abortion ban on the horizon we will likely lose even more providers.

To combat this we must start by restoring our Hoosier women’s rights and codifying stronger reproductive rights protection laws. Secondly, we must fully fund existing state based programs that help support people in their reproductive care. Finally, we must be sure that we are doing whatever is needed to improve access to reproductive care, including access outside of traditional medicine, for example, access to doulas, midwives, and other members of the reproductive health profession.

Public Education and Teachers Unions

I first got involved in politics in Hamilton County because I wanted to work to support our great public schools. Our kids deserve a strong education system that will prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. However, decades of cuts to education funding and roll backs of teachers’ union rights have made Indiana an undesirable place for teachers to work. At the start of the 2022 school year, we had more than 3000 teaching positions open state wide and few options on how to fill them.

Fixing our education problems starts with supporting our teachers. Our state had a $6 billion dollar surplus. Using just $700 million of that surplus on teacher salaries would bring us into pay parity with surrounding states, like Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky. Additionally, I support policies that help restore teachers’ bargaining rights, including the ability to have their union bargain on working conditions like classroom size, working hours, and responsibilities outside the classroom. We must make these changes in order to ensure that our schools are strong and able to meet the needs of ALL Hoosier kids.

Indiana’s Responsibility to Veterans

Not only am I a veteran of Afghanistan but I am the son of a Vietnam Vet. As a Vote Vets endorsed candidate veteran issues will always be a priority of mine. In the last two years Veteran homelessness in Indiana has increased by 16%. While the Federal government has recently passed legislation to help better connect our veterans with health care and other supportive services, our state must step in to solve the problem of veteran homelessness.

When elected I will introduce legislation to create a statewide veterans’ homelessness commission that will use the best practices learned from other states to identify all homeless Hoosier veterans and connect them with the housing services they need. We know that this model will work in our state because the city of Kokomo has already done it. In 2020  the mayor of Kokomo declared that they had reached their goal of a community with zero homeless veterans. We have the tools we need to house all our Hoosier veterans and I am committed to being sure it gets done.

Gun Safety, Storage, and Sales

As a gun owner, I am very proud to be a Gun Sense candidate from Mom’s Demand Action. I was trained on how to safely use and store a firearm both in the military and as a deputized federal law enforcement officer in my civilian aviation career. Gun safety and training is a necessary part of responsible gun ownership.

Indiana needs to adopt gun safety laws that follow the advice of the experts in our state. Permitless carry is a very dangerous regulation that should never have been passed. Law enforcement across the state, including the Indiana State Police, all believe permitless carry makes communities and our police officers less safe. Additionally, I support safe storage laws and expanding background checks to include all private sales. Responsible gun ownership must mean that gun owners are required to store and sell their firearms safely.

Indiana Clean Air and Water 

Clean air and clean water are rights that that everyone deserves no matter where they live. Environmental justice means ensuring that right, regardless of economic status, race, or religion. It also means restoring the wrongs committed from policies such as redlining and zoning that negatively affected socio-economic groups in urban and rural areas.

To accomplish this, we must first restore strong wetlands regulations in this state to keep our ecosystems healthy for generations to come. We must also have much stricter air and water regulations and have clear consequences for violating those regulations, consequences that hold companies accountable for irresponsible practices. Finally, we must be sure we are incentivizing green energy solutions for both homes and businesses to speed the adoption of clean and sustainable energy sources. As a state legislator I will fight to pass policies that meet all these goals.

Indiana’s Part in Global Climate Change

It is undeniable that our global climate is changing and that we are experiencing more extreme climate events. Our Hoosier state could be doing more to combat climate change and reverse its effects. First, we must reverse no-net metering legislation as a critical way to continue to incentivize the adoption of solar power. Additionally, I would propose a state tax credit, on top of any existing federal tax credit, for individuals who adopt home solar power, geothermal power, or other renewable energy sources.

Next, I believe the legislature should create a statewide goal for reducing emissions. I believe policymakers should work to incentivize companies, individuals, and cities/towns to help the state achieve that goal. Finally, I believe the state should be more aggressive about promoting and incentivizing electric vehicle adoption.

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