After speaking with over 30,000 people in our community, I know what our friends and neighbors value most: the ability to pursue the American dream right here in Carmel and Westfield.

As a husband, father, and veteran of Afghanistan, I know what it takes to protect our freedoms. After 22 years in the military, I am ready to continue to serve our community and the 39th District.

I hope you’ll join me – I’m ready to start Working Together for Indiana.

As the son of a Vietnam Veteran and a Catholic School secretary, I was taught to have a sense of duty that put the community before myself. Now, as a husband, father, and proud member of the Carmel and Westfield communities, I’m excited to have the opportunity to give back close to home. 

I served 16 years in Naval Aviation, then 2 years in the Navy Reserves, here in Indiana. Finally, I transitioned to the Air National Guard, before my retirement. Throughout my military career, whether it was flying airplanes, working with foreign leaders, or advising generals and admirals, I learned the importance of listening to the people around me, understanding their experiences, and sticking up for what was right-no matter what.

When it was time to leave active duty, I was excited to return to our family’s roots here in Westfield. We have been here full time since 2015. I now have one child who has graduated from Westfield High School and one who will be a sophomore this year. 

I am proud to serve our community as the Senior Vice Commander of VFW Post 10003, where I work to get more veterans involved in the work our Post does throughout southern Hamilton County. Recently I was elected to serve on the board of the Westfield Kiwanis Club, where I will help increase community engagement. Additionally, I am an English as a second language instructor with Exodus Refugee, a local organization that helps welcome refugees newly settling in our state and supports them through their transition to becoming Hoosiers.

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The views expressed do not represent the Department of Defense. 

Why I’m Running

Photos of Matt McNally's Military Service

The views expressed do not represent the Department of Defense. 

I am running for State Representative for the same reasons I joined the military: to help safeguard the freedoms we all enjoy as Hoosiers and Americans. 

When I first ran for State Representative in 2022, my campaign engaged with more than 30,000 members of our community. When we spoke to those voters, we learned what our friends and neighbors really value: freedom. 

The residents of Carmel and Westfield want the freedom to live the American dream. Our friends and neighbors want the freedom to start a small business, buy their first home, and see their children get the best possible education. 

After two decades of supermajority rule, decision makers at our state capitol have embraced extreme policies that are out of step with our Carmel and Westfield communities. I believe our friends and neighbors want our elected representation to put policies in place that allow them and their families the freedom to thrive in our communities.

I am running for State Representative because I know that Hamilton County is a great place to live. I want to ensure that our community remains a place where people and families thrive for generations to come. I hope you’ll consider joining me and our campaign as we start Working Together for Indiana.

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